Aerobics For Weight Loss

Understanding Aerobics

Aerobics activity, is activity involving continuous movement of your large muscle groups. This is the definition by the ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine. says any various sustained exercises, as jogging, nordic walking, rowing, swimming, or cycling, that stimulates and strengthens the heart and lungs, thereby improving the body's utilization of oxygen.

Examples Of Fun Aerobic Exercise

The exercise activities available today are almost endless. The best one for you is any that you enjoy, if you mix it up a bit you'll be sure to target more of your core muscles.

For example if you only cycle day after day, you will not be using the same core muscles as you would if you danced or did other weight bearing exercise.

Here are some examples of popular aerobic exercises: Dance, elliptical, and stair climbing are other activities that could be added to the list. The activity itself does not matter you can do any aerobics activity you enjoy.

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Fun And Enjoyment Are
Most Important

As clinical as the definition sounds exercise can be a lot of fun with all the variety of activities available today.

If you enjoy exercise you'll stick with it and your health and livelihood will improve greatly.

Target Heart Rate Range During Aerobics

Before we get into some of the fun healthy exercises, understand the importance of your heart rate. Understanding your heart rate range to create aerobic exercise is essential.

You can do any exercise or activity you like, but without effort and knowledge of your target range, you may be depleting your efforts.

How To Find Your Heart Rate Range

Find your heart rate range and monitor it throughout your workouts.

Maximum Range: 200 minus your age, then multiply by .90

Minimum Range: 200 minus your age, then multiply by .60

EXAMPLE: If you're 52 years of age your formula would be 200-52 which equals 148.

For your minimum range take 200-52 then multiply the answer of 148 by .60 coming up with 88.80.

For your maximum rate multiply the 148 by .90 the answer is 133. This is your maximum rate.

Your Range then is 88.80 to 133 beats per minute. Anyone can use this formula replacing 52 by your age.

Reaching your heart rate range during your workout will help you gain your peak fitness.

Make Traditional Exercises And Activities Aerobics

Some more traditional exercises which are still very effective and popular today, walking, running, swimming, cycling, stair climbing , step ups, boxing, even doing household chores like raking your yard and shoveling the winter snow.

The goal is reaching your range, you can measure that roughly by your breathing. If you are having trouble with continuing the exercise and breathing normally you are probably reaching your rate range.

Burn 300% More Body Fat

Your body is in maximum fat burning stage when your glycogen levels are at their lowest or near zero.

Naturally our bodies are in that stage first thing in the morning if you just slept and haven't eaten for several hours.

Under these conditions you can burn approximately 300% more body fat by doing your exercises at this time and reaching your heart rate levels.

If you cannot exercise at this time, you can still achieve low glycogen levels by exercising a little longer.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to use up the glycogen levels in your body to get to the maximum fat burning stage.

To Lose Weight Aerobics

Using exercise to lose weight or for heart health you should do them at least 3 times a week.

If you are new to exercise be sure to check with your physician and alternating high intensity and low intensity exercises could help you avoid injury to your muscles.

In the first week you'll see the largest weight loss. Much of that weight loss is due to the decrease in glycogen.

Here's why, for every gram of glycogen or energy from carbohydrates stored in our body for use as energy, you also store 3 to 4 grams of water to sustain the glycogen.

When you begin a new exercise program you deplete the glycogen levels first before burning fat, when those levels become lower you are also losing 3 to 4 times more weight in water.

Don't despair here, you're still going to see an amazing change in your waist and looks. Continue your journey and the fat loss will follow.

No Need to Get Bored

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Getting bored with exercise is one of the main reasons people fail to stick to an exercise plan.

So make it fun, get away from the traditional exercise and add some simple step aerobics exercises or dancing routines, one of my favorite ways of getting aerobics exercise is the 10 minute solutions I like that I can mix and match the routines, they are quick and fun and I never get bored. You can lose weight more quickly by adding a weight loss diet program along with your exercise program.